We wake up to a quiet ocean from our ground floor room here at the Island Inn on Sanibel Island. It looks like another day in paradise as we head down to the main dining room for the continental breakfast that is included.

We get a little lost trying to get to the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge for a 90 minute tram ride.

We miss out 10 am departure but they are very kind and place us on the 11 departure.

It is a fascinating preserve that houses all nature of birds and wildlife. In point of fact I don’t think I would be exaggerating when I estimate that over have of the people on our tram were avid ‘birders’.

After this trip where we head over the the Shell Museum only a couple of kilometres away. It is an interesting side not that former Canadian TV star Raymond Burr was a major factor in getting the museum establish.

An avid shell collector himself he worked with the team in Sanibel to make it happen. So Perry Mason investigated more than criminals.

It would end up being a busy day.

We drove to Captiva Island where we shared yet another seafood platter before going on the Captiva Cruises Dolphin and Wildlife excursion.

We managed to get a number of dolphins to chase us and frolic in the wake of the boat.

The beach at Captiva by the way, is nothing short of spectacular.






Tonight we will sleep but a dinner at the Traditions Restaurant here at the Island Inn will be welcome about now as it is getting a bit late and we are both feeling a little hungry.

I will not have yet another seafood meal.  Will I???????