With an early start to the day for me to drive to the Naples Hotel Golf Club this day passed quickly.

After getting on the course it came back to me that I had golfed here many moons ago on one of my first trips about 25 years ago.

It is a relatively easy course, flat with a few water holes, and not too many challenges that will kill a game. It is also a course that is budget priced so anyone can enjoy an round even in high season.

Shortly after I left Rae headed out to do some shopping at a mall only a few minutes from the hotel.

We arrived back at the hotel within minutes of each other. Because I got here first I had a chance to talk with JR the manager of the Holiday Inn Express here on 5th Avenue and was fascinated by his background.

He speaks fluent French because of a parent from the Dominican and the other from Haiti.

He runs a good ship here and I have invited him to join me on the Journeys Travel Show live tomorrow at 12:30 PM. CST . You can hear it yourself if interested on  Just click the listen live icon.

We had a rest and then drove over to the Tin City area of town with its multiple on the water restaurants and nearby shops.

We got on board the 100 foot Naples Princess for he dinner sunset cruise and oohed and aahd with the rest of the guest about the 3-10 million dollar houses and super yachts

that doted the bay leading to the Gulf of Mexico.

While I have always enjoyed these cruises I have never been a fan of the food aboard them.

We decided to take this cruise for the timing and I was fearing the meal thinking it would just spoil my dinner.

I was wrong. This was a very good meal of Tilapia cooked just right and prime rib as rare as I like it. The potatoes were excellent as was the Caesar Salad and dessert. The singular exception, and no big deal about that, were the vegetables that were obviously the pre-frozen mixes we see at supermarkets.

But all in all a very good meal with some excellent informational narration from the deck that was controlled for volume and never took over the enjoyment of the cruise itself.

After the interview tomorrow we will head out to Sanibel Island for a few days. I am looking forward to that as well.

We were going to carry on to a third area before we left Florida but have opted instead to come back to Naples to experience more of what we can do in the few miles between Sanibel Island and Fort Meyers and Naples and Marco Island.

Today I carried my PacSafe RFID protection wallet which I do as a matter of course now whether at home or away.

Rae had her black micro fibre Ameribag which she has had for quite some time now and likes to go back to it often when we travel.

I can also honestly say that we have been well organized for this trip in no small part because of the various Eagle Creek Packing Cubes we are carrying with us.

Everyone needs a friend on a golf course!