J.R. Moise the manager at the Holiday Inn Express on 5th Avenue in Naples joined me on the Journeys Travel Show on CJOB today and did a very good job explaining the property and its background.

After the show Rae and I had an enjoyable seafood lunch sitting on the waterfront at Pincher’s Crab Shack in Tin City.

Rae did go with the name specialty while I enjoyed my fried oysters with truly excellent fresh cut french fries.

We left the HI with a bit of a soft heart because of the way we were welcomed by JR. But we will go back in a few days having now changed the last few days of our trip to go back to Naples.

But there were excellent surprises ahead of us

We arrived at the Island Inn on Sanibel Island and after we checked in and got to the room, Rae burst with emotion.

“This is just like home” she shouted. “I love being on the ocean.”

Like so much of the Gulf coast it is also an excellent shell beach with the resort even giving us collection bags.

Our room is exactly that only 50 yards from the water and an amazing view of the setting sun we were fortunate to catch.

This is a unique place with cottages and two story walk ups scattered throughout the property.

We were looking forward to dining right here but they were holding their annual shareholders meeting so the dining room was closed.

A short drive away we found another seafood restaurant. I wonder if we will eat anything else on this trip.

We love the room and Sanibel Island will prove to be another different experience for us.

It clearly is a quiet place where there are zero street lights in the evening to keep that country feeling.

Tomorrow we’ll take a couple of tours and then spend the day after in a much more relaxed mode. On Wednesday I am hoping to play golf while Rae rests.

So far my re-introduction to South Florida has been exceptional.



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