Day two of weather here in Tucson was at least as hot as the day before and Sunday was only slightly cooler…still a near 100 shift from what we left in Winnipeg.

On day two we golfed the Mountain Course at Loews Resort Ventana Canyon.

The course was marginally less crowded than Friday so they let Delaronde and I golf by ourselves. Some of the views are majestic. Some of the optical illusion slopes on the greens were horrifying as we tried to figure out the amount of bread in the opposite fall we were seeing.

Knowing the greens always fall away from the mountain was helpful but not exacting…and around Tucson there are mountains everywhere.  Which one is the tallest we would ask each other since that apparently is the number on clue.

All that being said we golfed pretty well except for the occasional 4 put green…not the first time in my golf life.

But this was indeed a beautiful course to golf and the service here was tremendous…as it was at the Loews Resort property as well.

The Ventana Canyon golf courses and Loews are not under the same management, nor ownership, from what I can surmise.  They have an arrangement that allows for golf packages with the Resort bookings.

On Saturday evening we decided to venture into downtown Tucson.

While a fairly reasonably sized city at just over half a million, the core of the city is like an overgrown small town with a bit of a community feel to it.

As we were looking for direction to some of the better restaurants and bars the people were extremely friendly as they were inside the establishments we stepped in to.

Tucson is a college town and that was evident by the mix of people walking up and down 4th street, where much of the action seems to be centred.

Sunday would be the last day of golf for Delaronde who would be heading back to Winnipeg on the evening Westjet flight.

But our last game of golf would be memorable. We played Dove Mountain where the Accenture Championship will be held in February.

It will be a joy watching the pros tee up from the championship boxes trying to avoid the multitude of sand traps dotting every hole just about the area where their drives should land.

Pros know how to get out of sand easily but some of the deep pot bunker style traps will cause jitters among more than a few.

I am now in Phoenix at the Westin Kierland, and getting ready for one more day of golf with friends from who winter here.

I will talk more about that in my next post.








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