My favorite line that I believe is a Vancouverites  mantra is ‘You should have been here yesterday”

Yesterday of course is the never ending day when they had sunshine as opposed to deep fog, cloud, or downright flood-like bursts of rainfall.

So went the few days I spent there a couple of weeks ago.

But then on my last day something strange happened. It happened today, so to speak.

The sun broke through and I had a good part of the day, with my meetings over and a later flight, to wonder around and enjoy the real Vancouver.

Joking aside, it really is a fine city…One of Canada’s best.

We went across the bay on one evening to enjoy a meal on the south shore. It is worth doing next time you are there.

The ferries  run regularly and they are inexpensive.

The restaurants are plentiful and different and well worth the trip and time.

I also enjoy the ever entice shops of Robson and connecting streets.

for the first time, because time was not my enemy I decided to take the ‘Canada Train’ from the airport to the downtown waterfront.

It is fast, inexpensive, and so satisfactory that I decided to take it from downtown to the airport again.

It is faster than a taxi and so much cheaper.

It is a city where I have spent many weeks and will always look forward to returning to any time I have the chance.

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Ron Pradinuk