I live in the Province of Saskatchewan for a number of years in what seems to be a century ago now. Some days I feel that way too.

But I had a chance to go to a conference awhile back as a member of the Travel Media Association of Canada.

As hosts of the conference the city wanted to show off their best side and make sure, that we as travel writers, were impressed with what they had to brag about.

During my stint in Saskatchewan while handling the advertising account for the province, I had many opportunities to spend time in the city.

I always viewed it as a nice river city that was made more exuberant than Regina, where we lived, because of the youthful energy exuding from the University of Saskatchewan.

As a tourist city is was alright with the river and all, but it was a typical growing up prairie town in most ways.

But that was before the new Saskatchewan emerged with its economic wealth bursting at its seams.

It is not the city I knew. And from humble beginnings around the time I was there, has emerged a superb tourist destination in what they term the longest indoor street in Canada.

when I was there there really were no serious riverboat cruises to be taken. Today there is an excellent option for tourists with an excellent guided tour of the history, past and present of the area.

The buildings, as one incompetent Canadian Government travel writer once wrote, the three story buildings snaked their way to the sky.

Umm….a visit might have found at least a few more cogent things to say.

However that phrase might have more meaning to day as a building boom seems to be overcoming the little as big emerges, for better or worse.

The restaurants we  dined in were excellent…and the tours many others took received excellent reports on their return.

Clearly there is a new Canadian city that is worth exploring and I hope I get a chance to go back again before too long.

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