It has become a dilemma.

Not that long ago the best way to travel was to put your money into a series
of traveller’s cheques know that you would have easy access around the world to
a cash replacement if ever they were lost or stolen.

Then, with forgeries, clever transfers of names on stolen cheques, and for
other reasons few can fully understand, currency exchange booths either refused
to cash them or charged a high premium for the exchange.

At the same time retail establishments that once accepted them easily for
purchases became very wary.
Credit card companies through the banks they work will charge a premium on
foreign transactions.
And you are often faced with a double hit from the ATM’s as each bank in the
transaction process adds their own extra fee.

What are we to do as travellers?

While it is correct that traveller’s cheques are not as easily cashed at
restaurants and retail outlets as they once were, I still find them easy to
convert at major hotel properties around the world for local currency, or even
for U.S. dollars depending upon where you are.

I have found it frustrating to accept the extra penalty attached to using
credit card charges these days but they are still the most convenient, if you
can be sure your information is not being used elsewhere. This has been
curtailed with the new chip cards but thieves have found a way to read all the information with new scanners that can steal information from several yards

And on more than one occasion I have been shocked at how much the foreign
bank has added on to my ATM transaction.

So the realities are clear.

Most credit cards have a 2-21/2 percent charge added for the service, in
addition to the normal conversion price.

You will likely be paying the service fee for two banks when you use debit
cards at foreign destinations. And the margin the hotel or currency exchange
booths charge may also appear unattractive.

Therefore using a combination of all three is your best bet as you simple
accept the consequences of extra charges for the service provided.

In terms most countries in those far off destinations we visit,
notwithstanding the current strength of the Canadian dollar, I still recommend
using United States greenbacks because of their easy acceptance no matter where
you travel.

But a balanced approach will ensure you are not overloaded with tempting cash
to be targeted by

pickpockets. Your ATM can be used in most places. Protect your
cart and your number by going to ATM’s that have frequent usage and be very
cautious when entering your PIN numbers.

And try to keep track of your credit cards when they are taken away to have
the charges run through at the front desk.

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