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You may have heard different information about whether or not the new
Canadian passports can be scanned by electronic devices. These new scanners seem
to be on the rise and are being used by ‘thieves’ to steal people’s information
from credit cards and siimilar items, even from several feet away.

For those who may not be aware of the issue relating to this issue, there has
been a dramatic rise in the frequency of use of electronic technology to read
the information from the radio frequencies on the chip cards (RFID) that have
taken over the credit card and related industries.

These devises can easily retrieve information from a distance, apparently up
to 12 feet away. An entirely new industry has spawned to protect these cards
from those electronic readers as a result.

While the new Canadian epassports will utilize this RFID process, officials
assure us that no additional passport wallet will be required to  protect
information that is contained on the document.

In order for it to be read by someone trying to gain that information, they
would have to be within ten centimetres of the reader. In addition to that the
passport book would actually have to be opened to Page 2 at the time where the
most sensitive information is contained.

Passport Canada suggests that it is extremely unlikely that information that
resides on the chip can be captured without your knowledge.

However RFID chip
protection for your credit cards and other similar information containing
units should be shielded.

The problem is severe and growing.

The scanning devices are not that expensive and theives are now using them
more and more.

To top that off, as a expose on CBC  reported, a free app can be
loaded onto your cellphone that can do the same theft from your wallet and then
use the information immediately to purchase product. This option was later removed, but this makes it scary.

What is the solution?  RFID
protection products. You can see any number of them online.

At first this was a problem that seemed to be confined to the major tourist
cities of the world.  That is no longer the case. It is becoming pervasive even
in Canada and the rest of North America.


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