A travel product breakthrough lets you check out your hotel room as soon as you walk in to ensure it meets the standards you expect for cleanliness.

The product is called Hotel Inspector.

Its technology allows you to see things on the sheets, carpet, and table tops not visible to the naked eye.

As gross as it sounds the unit can detect residue from blood stains, urine, semen, and even bed bugs or bed bug feces.

However finding these sources of uncleanliness is better than going to bed not knowing what may be there that could cause  health concerns later on.

The technology for the Hotel Inspector is based on a UV Flashlight that has been modified to offer a superior ultraviolet light source which enables you to see things not visible to the naked eye.

It enables this expanded visual opportunity as the ultraviolet waves interact with the phosphorus present in certain organic substances, thus illuminating fluorescent molecules.

The Travel Pro 14 UV Flashlight offers superior light projection and reliability while you inspect the cleanliness of your hotel room. Hotels are our home away from home.  There are certain things we come to expect we check in, the most important of which is CLEANLINESS.  The Travel Pro 14 black light produces ultraviolet light, which allows you to see things not visible to the naked eye.  The ultraviolet waves react with phosphorus in certain organic substances, illuminating fluorescent molecules.

The inventor hopes the product will become an essential tool for hotels around the world dedicated to ensuring exceptional cleanliness for their clients.

For the consumer it is an expensive means of checking for yourself before unpacking in your hotel room whether or not it is a room that you will be willing to stay in for one night or many.

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