That’s more than a tongue in cheek statement; it’s a
mouthful of some of the finest tastes a chef can concoct.
Yesterday as stated in my blog was a sea day. It was
announced early on that lunch would be a special one in the main dining room.
Salads and desserts would be displayed in that restaurant
while hot food items would be located in the attached galley following the main
hallway that essentially forms a half moon behind the dining room.
As soon as we approached the restaurant we sensed we were in
for something truly special as we were greeted with champagne and other starter
Sitting down we are offered wine of our choice. This is
lunch…too early to start drinking…oh what the heck, maybe just one.
After a salad, which was as long as most food bars of a
buffet, we strolled into the galley expecting a few choice items, but were
still overwhelmed by the magnitude of selections ranging from sushi to lamb to
pastas and just about any main food items one could imagine.
After that, a long rest for most before proceeding to the
fitness room to work off at least some of the calories before proceeding back
to the same room to begin the dinner process all over again.
At dinner I was honoured with a toast for having won a
number of travel writing awards from the North American Travel Journalists
For regular readers of my stories and columns I was
recognized with a Silver Award for a feature story I did on Switzerland and a
Silver Award for a column series I did on different styles of cruising from
small ship to large ship to river cruising.
I got a finalist award for a photo I took of a shore lunch
that was in my story on Nuelton
Lake. And then two other
finalist nominations for a column on Proper Travel Insurance Coverage Critical, and a column on how a Flight Plan Can Alleviate Long Term Headaches
After dinner most faded back to their rooms, a number took
in the variety show, and after that only two or three of the hardiest still
went back to the bar for a closing nightcap.
Today is our last sea day before landing in Montevideo tomorrow morning.
Yes the hours are winding down quickly and dramatically and
while we are looking forward to going home, it is going to be tough, as
expressed earlier to part with our old and new friends.
In each of the blogs over the past couple of weeks I have
invited you, the reader to join Rae and I on our next host cruise.
That will take place starting on January 20, 2014 from Hong
Kong to Singapore with ports
of call in both Thailand and
Viet Nam.
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