Who said I can’t dance?

This is an action kind of city.

Formatted on the idea it was the Paris of South America, it has lived up to its planned standard.

A huge city, the province of Buenos Aries has 12 million people, with the core area with a population of 3 million.

On Sunday after we arrived off the ship and got settled into our hotel we walked into the outdoor craft market about 20 minutes from our hotel.

It was several kilometres long with displays off a number of side streets as well. Luckily we were there on a Sunday when they close off these streets from traffic so the sellers can display their wares.

We had prearranged for all 12 of us to take in a professional tango show that night as well. It was an tango experience in a theatre that was of  vintage era, redone in perfect replica.  The tables were set up Las Vegas show style and the show itself was a dazzling sound and movement extravaganza.

Today most of us chose to take a city tour in the morning which really was an education about each section.

We went from the poorest South quarter where a unique artists colony has been established, to the new rich classes of the nation have built mega homes and condos, with the appropriate retail scattered nearby to the next cemetery experience where Eva Perron is buried.

Tonight is the last night here for most of us so we are all gathering at a fancy steak house to end the

Argentina trip with their national favourite, beef of any kind.

Tomorrow  some will continue to Iguazu Falls. A couple will stay a few extra days and we will be on our way back home.

Truly time to get back and face real life…but this has been a fantastic journey.

Over and over again I have written how close this group has become. We truly are all friends now even though we go our own ways to explore the different places we have been, we share them after we return…but mostly we just find loads of things to laugh about.

Wherever we have go the Canadians, as we seem to now be referred as, are remembered.

We don’t look for a good time…we are the good time.

Please join Rae and I on our next hosted cruise a year from now. We depart from Hong Kong on January 20 2014 and travel through both Thailand and Vietnam.

Eva Perron’s family gravesite.




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Different way of serving Pizza!

This may be the last blog of this trip as we have to check out tomorrow but if I can I may do a wrap up blog from the airport tomorrow since we have to get their fairly early for and international flight with United Airlines.