It is our last day on the ship.
It was a morning that was greeted with mixed emotions. We,
in our little group of 14, have become decidedly closer.
With all the time we have spent together, even though we
most often went our own ways for excursions and daily activities, we have come
to know each other a lot better. And as I wrote earlier, we must really be
starting to like each other since as the evenings have past we have dined
together as a group more often.
But it is also a time to move on, to visit other places or,
as in a couple of cases, head back home to face the daily grind of work and
home chores etc.
With only a few hours left, and with subtle pressures from
the cruise line, most have started the packing process since we will be off the
ship by 9 am tomorrow morning and out of our cabins by 8.
was a short stop and with the ship arriving an hour late for some reason we did
not disembark until after 2 PM.
We chose not to take an excursion at this destination
favouring a walk through town with the hopes of doing some shopping…or at least
that was the wish of some of the ladies.
Sadly, he said again with tongue in cheek and money still
left in our account, the real shops were closed on Saturday.
They are closed here both Saturday’s and Sunday’s. I still
don’t know why but it makes it seem strange in a city as large as this.
However the craft stalls were open and they lined the
pedestrian streets along a number of thoroughfares. What is nice about this
city are the numbers of automobile free streets there are. It would have been a
nice experience to walk through them when everything was open.
However some money was left behind for the local economy…and
given the box we saw that indicated the local crafts were actually made in China, it feels
good to know we helped the economies of two countries.
The highlight here was wondering into what looked like a
shopping centre only to find it was the ultimate row of barbeque style
Meats of all kinds were being cooked and we could not pass
up a super large beer, a couple of sausages, and some bar-b-que ribs.
As the ship sails we will dine with the pianist and the
comedian aboard the ship. We talked to them downtown so it should be a pleasant

Tomorrow we say goodbye to the ship and after checking into
our hotel look forward to an evening of tango at one of the better show dinner
clubs in Buenos Aires.

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