A final lunch in Santiago

It was a really great time in Santiago.

We met up with the rest of the group that we would be sailing with for the next two weeks at the Ritz Carlton, where Seabourn put everyone up the night before sailing.

Santiago was a city of surprises to most of us.

Having read comment about its less attractive side, many of us had lowered expectations. But the downtown

On our last day there we visited San Cristobel church and the monument which overlooks the city.

We had small but excellent lunch at a quaint hole in the wall restaurant a block away and stayed close to the hotel for dinner that night.

Prices in Santiago are varied but all in all I really concluded that they were approximately the same as most major cities in Canada.

The UNESCO city of Valparaiso


It was market day in Valparaiso

Yesterday morning we were transported through the UNESCO  city of Valparaiso where we got on board our ship. And what a ship it is.

Farewell to Valparaiso

Service is the keyword here. At every step, at every corner. Ask and ye shall receive.

Some wanted surf and turf that night so we chose the Colonnade Restaurant and closed it down with multiple glasses of port late in the evening.

Today we are sea and a workout ate up some of the calorie intake of last night but an impossible task to get rid of them all unless I stayed a couple of extra hours.

Tonight is the first ‘formal’ night for the Captain’s welcome.  We have arranged for a table for all 14 of us so I think it will be a blast with so many genuinely humorous individuals with us.

Join Rae and I next year for loads of fun in an excellent itinerary aboard the Seabourn Legend sailing from Hong Kong to Singapore with port stops in Thailand and Vietnam. See the brochure on our website.

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