By the time we docked at Puerto Chacabuco the word was out.

There is nothing to do or see in the small community where we disembark for the day. The only thing to to is take one of the excursions inland.

On paper it didn’t look like much. A two hour bus trip into the mountains, a one hour stop, a Chilean snack and then a two hour return back to the ship.

We signed on anyway and we ended up being especially glad we did.

It proved to be a most scenic drive with a few stops for photos and plenty of ohs and awes from the people on the motor coach.

We drove into the Rio Simpson National Reserve and were introduced to some of the most unusual flora and fauna we had ever seen.

Along a riverbank we captured the Majesty of the area and after a few Empanadas and skewers of taste we were back on board awaiting another excellent meal.

See the face on the side of the cliff

In the specialty restaurant on the Seabourn Sojourn they serve what they describe as a 5 course taster’s meal. There is no additional charge but the room only serves 48 people an evening.

Each course consisted of two to four separate menu items for tasting.

It proved to be a spectacular meal. Because of the small servings some were still hungry afterward but most were quite satisfied and the taste sensations were outstanding.

Today and tomorrow are days at sea and since we have need to wash a number of items after being away for over a week, it is a good thing.

It has been a great time with the group we are hosting and there is no doubt that every single person is glad the decided to join us.

We tend to take our own direction on the tours and often chose different restaurants or hours of dining, but we are also bonded together often having loads of laughs when we do.

Last night was no exception. I had made the reservation in the restaurant for all of us so it was natural we would all gravitate to the bar afterwards.

I did not anticipate that we would all stay there until closing or near closing.

We did not rush to get into action this morning.

Consider joining Rae and I on our next hosted cruise a year from now on the Seabourn Legend, a 208 passenger vessel that will leave from Hong Kong on January 20 of 2014 and sail to Singapore via Thailand and Vietnam.

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