Yesterday’s penguins were the highlight of this journey.
Their have been a number of memorable days on this hosted
cruise we’ve been on. Certainly the day at the glaciers was special and we
discovered Chile
at a number of port stops…enough to make me want to come back and explore the
country more.
But the off road trip to see the penguins at Volunteer Point
in the Falkland Islands were especially
It was the most expensive excursion offered by the cruise
line and we all signed up early. But thanks to Courtney our capable travel
agent at Journeys/Renaissance who had been there before, she advised that we
could get exactly the same from reliable operators off the ship.
With her help, Marcie, who is on the cruise with us and
happens to be Courtney’s mother did the homework from the on ship internet.
She found an operator Patrick Watt Tours, who is highly
recommended on line at various sites.
I highly recommend him as well. Our drivers were excellent
and he does an excellent job with the guests in equal manner as the ship would
Ship’s price $400 per person…Patrick Watt’s price $195 per
We of course are warned by the ship that if we are late we
would be left behind.  Since there were
at least 32 of us with Watt I expect that might have been difficult but we had
no problem be back well ahead of the ship’s scheduled departure.
Interestingly a certain fear was placed on those booking
that could tend to turn some away from the experience.
Suggestions were to take a pillow for the rough ride and be
prepared to be tossed and turned like garments in a washing machine.
It was extremely rough off road terrain but all the vehicles
were excellent with special suspension put on them replacing the factory ones
for extra stability.
Once at Volunteer point we were able to spend over and hour
and a half with the three species of penguins that are there, the king penguin
of course being the prime attraction for their size and color.
Volunteer point turns into Volunteer beach and the penguins
frolicking in the ocean and on the sand was a sight to behold.
We are back at sea again and it is hard to believe we only
have a few days left on the cruise with friends we had and new friends we made.
Today for lunch the ultimate buffet was set up which had
salads and desserts in the main restaurant with other multiple food choices
staged through the galley behind the restaurant.
This was just after we had come back from a presentation on
how to work towards a flatter stomach.
We all failed test one.
It is going to be difficult to part company with all of
these people in Buenos Aires.
Our friends Don and Shirley leave that night.
The next day Andrea goes back home while Derek heads out on
his extended journey.
Bob and Dianne head to the Falls while John and Louise go
there a day later and continue on to Brazil.
Heather and Greg will come back to Buenos Aires after the Falls but we will be
Great people; and an exceptional two weeks of laughter and
discovery with them.
I invite you to join Rae and I on our next hosted cruise
starting January 20, 2014 leaving from Hong Kong with a number of stops in Thailand and Vietnam
before winding up in Singapore.
It is aboard the Seabourn Legend and the itinerary can be
seen on our brochure on our website.
The complementary excursion we had in Punta Arenas this week was one of the best if
not the best.
Next year our complimentary excursion will be in Viet Nam and it
looks to be exceptional as well.









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