It is fascinating to come to a country that speaks predominantly Spanish and see reminders of the thousands of German settlers who helped populate this region.

Not that many years ago in communities like Frutular the schools taught German as the primary language and Spanish as the second one.

Sight from German Museum

That is not the case today but the German influence in the region can still be felt in the names of the restaurants, the fusion food that is served, and the people, who while simulated still send their children to private schools to learn German.

We started our day in Punta Montt as the ship docked and we spent the morning wondering through the flea market type shops that filled the street running off the pier where our ship docked.

Out tour guide, while spending the last 20 years in Chile, was originally a tourist from Austria.

He met and fell in love with a Chilean lady and the rest was history. But he certainly helped fill in the history of the region from the Inca controlled days to the mixed political live the nation led, to today’s democracy which seems to be like ours where regions have voted by block for one party or the other.

It was a good day seeing the volcanic mountains, shopping in the different shops and ending the day at the German club in Frutular eating Empanadas and then going for a tour of the German museum…testament to the control they had over the region for a period of time.

This is a resort region with loads of hotels, great beaches and lots of touristy things to do.

We are told that in spite of the fact many were swimming in the beach, most of the time the waters are cold influenced by Antarctic currents.

At the end of the day we are back aboard the Seabourn Sojourn looking forward to yet another day exploring Chile at our next port stop in the morning.

As you might expect they are starving us on board and with all the beverages complimentary as well, we have hardly had a drink.  Umm…maybe I am wrong.

But we really are having a nice time.

Rae and I are hosting a group of mostly Manitobans and we are getting along famously. My brother in law John, a really good drummer, backed the singer last night…and we Canadians controlled the agenda as he sang songs by Canadian writer musicians.

Morning came to soon but tonight we are making it an earlier night so we can last the day tomorrow when Rae and I host a cocktail party for all our group.

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