Welcome to Argentina.
Today we are in what the local town fathers describe as the
southern most city in the world.
The country may have changed but the mountainous backgrounds
with its snow capped peaks seem to share a look in common.
Today we chose to take a catamaran trip deep into the Beagle
Channel where the larger cruise ships cannot go.
It was a nice trip where we saw a few Sea Lions and hundreds
of Cormorants. It was a short jaunt but a worthwhile excursion away from our
mother ship, the Seabourn Legend.
What we are all looking forward to is our stop in the Falkland Islands a couple of days from now.
Most, if not all of our group is taking a full day excursion
on 4X4 Jeeps to see three species of penguins that inhabit the islands.
We are advised to take pillows as the ride will be very
rough, and to wear our worst clothing since it is common for these vehicles to
get stuck, and guess who has to help push.
Yes it is we, the four passengers on the Jeeps that are off
the Jeeps as mud and debris flies onto our bodies.
Still we are all totally enthusiastic. Half way through we
be wailing a different melody, but for now we maintain our excitement.
Even though we still have a number of days…in fact a week
when we include our time in Buenos
Aires, I feel like our trip is starting to wind down.
It has been a really good trip with our group and we have
had a lot of fun without getting into each others hair too much.
Each couple has found other friends as well and often head
in different directions during the day depending upon the excursions offered.
Please consider joining Rae and I on our next hosted cruise
starting January 20, 2014 leaving from Hong Kong with a number of stops in Thailand and Vietnam
before winding up in Singapore.
It is aboard the Seabourn Legend and the itinerary can be
seen on our brochure on our website.
There has been a general consensus that the complementary
excursion we had in Punta Arenas
this week was one of the best if not the best.
Next year our complimentary excursion will be in Vietnam and it
looks to be a winner as well.
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