A sea day is a time to take advantage of the amenities of
this great sailing vessel.
Many will take advantage of the galley tour, which those of
our group who have taken it report that the care taken with food preparation
and storage on the Seabourn Sojourn is outstanding.
Some will take the bridge tour, while others move to another
kind of bridge learning how to play the card game or joining with others in the
card room that already do.
On this trip we have taken every breakfast in the Colonnade
restaurant, which while buffet for the most part, also offers a series of set
menu choices as well.
Pickled herring…umm…the only time I get to eat them is on
some form of quality buffet.
Most of our evening meals are in The Restaurant. Not the
most creative of names but the menu items are often extremely creative by
For example dinner options tonight include duck galantine
with black trumpet mushrooms as an appetizer, roasted egg plant soup as a
starter and a wide range of main course options from seafood to steak. One beef
choice tonight is grilled hanger steak with celery variations.
Mid morning or mid afternoon, what is referred to as
Seabourn Place is quite full as guest use the multitude of computers, sip fresh
lattes or cappuccinos or bite into some of the sweets inviting us to select
from behind the glass that makes them appear extra appetizing.
On board shopping is always popular and from previous
experiences I am surprised that the clothing in particular is quite reasonably
Jewelry on the other had can range into the tens of
thousands for precious gems.
Because of Chilean laws against gambling in the boundary
waters of the nation, the casino will not be opened until we officially cross
into Argentinean territory.
The Spa is always busy, as is the small but fully equipped fitness
centre. This could be made bigger as there are clearly more guests wanting
machines than are available during the most popular hours.

On warm days the outdoor ‘fast food’ outlet is really busy
as guests take advantage of the pool, hot tube and lounge chairs.

The evening ‘concerts’ have been of a consistently high
quality, while the two main bars can really get hopping as the entertainment
shifts hourly from one musical presenter to another.

But a day at sea is also a day of scenery and we were
treated to some spectacular views of the Garibaldi Glacier flowing into the
water, small waterfalls all around, and ice flows that surrounded the ship as
we slowly made our way by them.
Truly a memorable sight to see!
The entire ship seemed to be on the 10th deck
viewing platform but with some rain coming down steadily and the winds blowing
quite strongly at times, a little bit of luck was helpful in capturing the best
photo shots.
We have totally enjoyed this cruise experience and look
forward to moving into Argentinean waters.
Our group is absolutely fantastic and we never know who will
be the bright light during the evening’s festivities. I have been impressed
with how much most of the couples have been into dancing.
Others just enjoy the music, drink, and atmosphere but a
couple of our people can really cut the rug.
Please consider joining Rae and I on our next hosted cruise
starting January 20, 2014 leaving from Hong Kong with a number of stops in Thailand and Vietnam
before winding up in Singapore.
It is aboard the Seabourn Legend and the itinerary can be
seen on our brochure on our website.
There has been a general consensus that the complementary
excursion we had in Punta Arenas
yesterday was one of the best if not the best.
Next year our complimentary excursion will be in Viet Nam and
looks to be a winner as well.
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