White Witch Golf Can Cast a Spell on the Best of Golfers!

It was hot and beautiful. Not the White Witch but the weather in Jamaica was certainly was that.

And according to tradition so was the White Witch, who chose lovers easily and murdered them as she pleased; At least three that can be documented, and that does not include the slaves of the day to whom she was reported to have been extremely cruel.

Today her home, known as Rose Hall, is still reported to be haunted. And the golf course named after her, the White Witch, has taken more than one hopeful golfer over the edge, of which there are also many on the White Witch Golf Track.

The panoramic views along this golf course are plentiful…and with each view comes a fresh golf challenge.

Go up and then go down. Uphill lies and downhill lies. It seems that is not often one finds a flat surface for the next shot.

And the greens are always deceiving. Luckily a caddie is a necessary adjunct to most golf courses in Jamaica, or 3 and 4 putt greens would be common, already common enough even with help.

We were staying at the Ritz Carlton. While they do have an all inclusive plan for those that want it, this chain is as much a business hotel as it is a resort property.

The Ritz Carlton in Montego Bay

With its own rooms, and the Montego Bay Convention Centre a short distance away groups are easily at home here during almost any time of the year.

One night we tried the mega buffet.

While the price is not a low , we really felt the offerings made the price well worth it. Various salads including a delicious seafood salad option to start.

We both had the lamb entree and really enjoyed it. A pasta bar is there to start the meal after salad and more desserts than you will find in a specialty dessert restaurant.

We also spent time at the Half Moon Resort, which many say may be the best on the island. It too is a property well worth staying at.


The Panoramic Views of White Which Golf Course are Amazing!