Cinnamon Hill Golf Course

The days have been moving quickly now and my goal was to write about our visit to the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course yesterday, but a accommodation move and more activities taking place, I couldn’t keep up.

But Cinnamon Hill Golf course is worth talking about.

While most of the courses in Jamaica are owned or closely related to resorts, Cinnamon Hill is the best of those few that are independent.

Many of the holes on Cinnamon Hill go straight down to the ocean.

When I talked with the Director of Golf Operations of the club, one Robert Ames, I remembered reading something about another golfer talking about him.

It was Canada’s, and Trinidad native Stephen Ames who once mentioned his brother was a golf pro somewhere. While I thought it was in Trinidad one look at him told me it was him. And indeed it was.

Cinnamon Hill, notwithstanding its impressive track is also the place where the great troubadour Johnny Cash had his vacation home.

Former Vacation Home of the late Johnny Cash

Sold some years ago today it is only used for special occasions like weddings and special business gatherings.

The course is one of those that are clustered within only a few kilometres of each other and is well worth the visit for its challenge and most impressive ocean side and panoramic view holes.

If you’re thinking of a Jamaica trip this year do call to talk about what we have experienced on this, and other visits I have taken here.


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