With more non-stop flights to Mexican destinations than
anywhere else it is natural that most of the questions relating to sunspot
resort areas would be about those.
Even at that, one of the least known, and perhaps most
unappreciated of them, is the region around Los Cabos. While a number of tour
companies service Cancun, the Mayan Riviera, Puerto
Vallarta and other destinations, only one tour operator, Sunwing Holidays, currently
offers Los Cabos as a weekly non-stop service from Manitoba.
Last year I took my first opportunity to visit the Los Cabos
region in order to be able to answer questions I frequently get about the area .
Two cities as opposite as can be from one another
Most of the resort properties have been built on the coastal
beaches between its two biggest cities, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.
With both city populations under seventy thousand, big is hardly a description
that should be attached to them.
Approximately an hour apart from each other, it is this
sense of spaciousness that contributes to its appeal.
Yet the two communities are as different as they could
possibly be.
The activity centre
Small as it may be Cabo, as the Cabo San Lucas is often
referred to as, does have a reputation as of the party centre for the rich and
the famous.
Huge yachts are parked in the Cabo harbour where numerous
restaurants dot the waterfront inviting people to dine in style of their
choice. As darkness comes and the evening gets on, the tranquility of the day
is overtaken by the pounding rhythms of the nightclubs that seem to stay open
as long there are dancers and party goers.
The Puerto Paraiso Shopping Mall is just off the harbour,
perhaps strategically situated to serve the Yacht population in the section
appropriately branded, Luxury Row.
It is perhaps because of the quality options for shopping
and dining; in addition to the other activity options available, that Cabo San
Lucas has become a prime stop on the itineraries of the major cruise lines.
For a more relaxing pace
San Jose del Cabo on the other hand projects an entirely
opposite image. It has the feel of a quiet town and offers more sedate shopping
options in what is a much more unhurried environment.
I’m not certain how the culture of a city is formed but the
relaxed atmosphere of San Jose
comes out in a number of ways. We could not help but comment on the numbers of
couples and individuals that were taking long walks along the main
Unlike other parts of Mexico
and the Caribbean we were not being hassled
into shops by overanxious vendors. And in the main square we could relax over a
coffee and dessert without feeling rushed to move on for the next waiting
As different as they were, we enjoyed the time we spent in
both. We stayed at the RIU Palace which is closer to Cabo than San Jose. On our first journey to San Jose the taxi cost us
over $50. On a subsequent day we decided to try the public bus system and found
it to be excellent, with the most helpful people and drivers.
Later, when we found out there was a bus stop right in front
of the RIU property, we used it to go back and forth from Cabo.
No rain and stable weather
While rain during the prime winter months is virtually
unheard of, the day temperatures of Cabo remain steady between 25-26 degrees
While tempted, I did not go deep sea fishing on this trip.
Once a quiet fishing village, this region has been transformed into a popular
sport fishing capital. Striped Marlin are caught regularly and you don’t have
to go far to have a good shot at picking up a 100 to 200 pound Yellow Tuna.
The Cabo San Lucas tourist region is still fairly new with
new resorts being opened along the coast at a rapid rate.
It has become a significant time share market and its
proximity to population centres of California
has helped build its reputation as a desirable vacation destination.
It has also become known as a premier golf attraction where
you can find the most challenging tracks designed by the major names in the
industry, with some of the most beautiful ocean views over the Sea of Cortes
“Are you another one of those writers who is going to
tell people how dangerous Mexico
This was the concern expressed by my Canadian and American
golf partners during an otherwise most enjoyable round with them at the
Palmilla Golf Club.
These were people who chose to winter in the region and were
fiercely protective of the image they feel has been massively distorted over
the last few years, especially about the Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos areas.
They were exuberant in their love of and praise for the area
and genuinely wish more people would visit the area they believe is best in all
of Mexico.
Like other tourist regions it has seen its share of negative
publicity, most of it related to alcohol rather than drug cartel activity, but
like most areas of Mexico
has experienced drug related incidents.
As in every tourist destination in the world you have to
exercise normal caution in the things you do. But I can say without hesitation
that during our stay we found the people to be extremely friendly and never
once felt uncomfortable or concerned in our surroundings.



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