TSA Luggage locks. I received a question from a Canadian reader about locking luggage,one of many I receive on a fairly frequent basis. I understand there are some kinds of locks that airport security can open, the questioner wrote, without having to chop them off. What are these, he asked? In this case being Canadian puts us behind technololgy not in step with it. While these locks are widely available and can be used by any number of jurisdictions, Canada so far has not bought into the concept. The locks, developed in conjunction with the TSA in the United States, are being successfully being deployed by the United States, Great Britain, and a few other nations. There are two brands, available in North America, which are most widely reconized. The first is called Safe Skies Luggage Locks and the second is branded as Travel Sentry. Each lock has a specific code which is used by TSA and other security agencies to identify which tool to use to open the lock. At each location the security people are able to open and then lock the bags again after they have been inspected. The Travel Sentry website (www.travelsentry.org) points out that an International treaty requires that all luggage must be security screened before being loaded on passenger airplanes. If security cannot identify objects, they will open the bags but will always leave a note behind informing you they have done so. Travel Sentry points out that locking your luggage is the smart thing to do and protects your possessions from theft tampering and misuse by smugglers. Why has Canada not bought into this concept that seems to be working so well in other countries. It is anyones guess. But it is causing a dilemma for Canadian travellers…to lock or not to lock. My advice is to buy the branded locks anyway. The price is not much different than the old style lock and locked luggage does help prevent theft of opportunity. In this way you have locks for other international travel even as Canadian security waits to decide if they want to catch up with the times. You can look at these locks on line. There are all kinds from the simple old fashion key style to multiple code options.