This is one of the best known conservation icons in the world. Their magazines are devoured by the millions and often saved for decades.

Their work in bring to light the plight of animals like the Polar Bear is legendary. While they do brand products with their logo for public sale, it is not a wide spread practise.

But their I was in Las Vegas at the annual Travel Goods Association trade show when these two giant Polar Bears stopped me cold.

Quality printed on the face of a set of hard side luggage there they were with the National Geographic brand.

And there were other National Geographic images on other hardsides. Along with a series of high quality rolling duffels and suitcases with the logo proudly displayed.

These will be coming into the Journeys Travel and Leisure SuperCentre store, and onto the Journeystravelgear website as soon as they are ready for mass market.

This will take a few months but by fall they will be here helping fund the work of the National Geographic association.

For more immediate delivery a shipment of Eagle Creek backpacks for the young explorer who may travel to many of the sites motivated by National Geographic will be coming in about a month.

Another interesting show is past and I make ready to return home tonight.

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