On a journey I never ever go anywhere without my camera. So why are there no pictures on this blog report.

It is the fault of golf that goes with the tip in this entry.

I decided not to bring my golf clubs with me on this trip with the limited amount of free time I would have with yesterday being the only possibility.

I woke up early, easy to do with 2 hours time difference here from CST. It promised to be a georgeous day so I went to my frequent search option at golfnow.com.

Golfers likely see this company advertised all the time and never used them. I have a number of times and found more last minute bargains on there than anywhere else.

So yesterday morning I searched and there it was, the Legacy golf track in Henderson for only $45 plus their $1.50 fee.

That course normally charges $155 and I ended up golfing with 2 other Canadians from Kamloops and a Minnesotan who also booked with Golfnow.com in what was an obvious open time the club wanted to make a few dollars on.

This included the cart and range balls.

It cost me as much to rent clubs as it did to golf.

I used my Blackberry phone camera to take a few shots of this delightful course but have no idea how to transfer them here to show you some scenes from the track.

It was very hot yesterday here in Las Vegas. In my mind I would golf than take in a show somewhere.

I came back to my room at the Rio and felt exhausted. I listed to the Jets beat Buffalo on TSN and concluded to myself ‘You ain’t goin nowhere.

So I went downstairs, picked up a couple of diet Pepsi, ordered a whopper and fries from their fast food outlet here (just what I needed to lose weight), and was asleep by 10.

Wow…is Las Vegas fun!

In a while I will head over to the convention centre to begin the real work I am here for…to find the unique new travel product would be voyageurs will appreciate.

It’s a good show and I am sure I will make a new discovery.

I have had loads of comments on my recent shows talking about Panama. You can listen to them on our site without the commercials.

Also my Winnipeg Free Press column on Mexico safety continues to garner many emails, so far most in approval of my position. You can read it on line as well.

And if you are looking for some of the great travel products we have discovered here in the past you can find them at http://www.journeystravelgear.com/