Ahh! The setting sun is not hard to take, he must be thinking.

There are some exceptional beaches in the world. This certainly is one of them.

The Royal Decameron in Panama takes up a huge stretch of what is regarded as one of the finest beach fronts in the country.

Amazing long and wide beach at Royal Decameron

Apparently safe for swimming with young children frollicking in it all day. Dozens of protective huts to keep you shady during the hotest part of the day.

A view of a small mountain (mountain may be stretching it but it does provide a nice puctuation to the ocean) in a few kilometres off the shore attracts boats of all kinds.

Again today we have experience the best Banana Daquari mix we have ever tasted. No pre-mix here. They start with fresh peeled bananas, loads of rum, milk, ice and good blend and a good day turns into a great one.

This is an expansive property with three story walk-ups (yes I said walk ups…after the Daquaris a walk does us good) dot the beach front and the hillside behind them.

But you can also stay along the golf course a short way away and get shuttled as often as you wish to the restaurtants and bars that tend to be near the beach as well.

Destination weddings are common. I have now seen three and I know there are many more.

The Royal Decameron is not a new property so needs to be compared on its own merits. The rooms are very nice, the beach views are great (I recommend the beach view accomodations even though they may cost a little more) and the few meals we have had so far have been just fine.

I had a really tasty fish meal last night and have found the fish options to be the best so far.

Call 942-5000 if you wish to book and come in to Journeys ahead of time for the finest in beach and resort wear.


There are loads of pools to chose from at this resort.


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