Transat Holidays and their sister company seem to have a lock on the Panama destination from Western Canada with loads of flights and non-stops from both Winnipeg and Saskatoon.

This is my first trip to this country and today’s look at our surroundings are suggesting it is worthy of its ratings.

We arrived early in the evening because of a very sensible departure time from Winnipeg. As our transport bus passed through the outskirts of Panama City I was overwhelmed by the skyscrapers that greeted us kilometre after kilometre.

We will spend a couple of days in the city before returning next Wednesday. We will be staying at the Radisson which is directly across from a megamall we were able to see as we drove by it.

It will be a good way to close out this journey of discovery.

This was also the first time I experienced the Club Class section of Air Transat. The service was what you would expect from a first class section of any airline…and the dining options were exceptional.

The meals we had were as good as any I have consumed on any airline…and I have been fortunate to have travelled on many in all cabins.

It was a first class trip all the way.

The transfer to the buses was orderly and efficient. I paniced a bit when I saw my golf clubs being moved to a different bus. Then I noticed all sports gear and larger bags were being moved.

I relaxed and everything arrived fine and delivered directly to our room as we dined.

It is a fairly long two hour trip from the airport to the Royal Decameron resort where we are staying.  By the time we arrived the fine lunch we had been served was long gone and most people on the bus were happy a buffet restaurant was still open for us to go to immediately after we received our keys and documents, and before we even went to our rooms.


A good sleep and we begin our vacation today with a beautiful morning sun greeting us creating a soft reddish tinge to the ocean, sand beaches, and pools we would be spending our time beside.