The golf course is a quick shuttle ride from the main resort.

What is the weather like in Panama? I have received this question over the past few days since I arrived in this country.

It is not hot according to the temperature, averaging about 27 degrees C every day. But the humidity takes it up to a feel like temperature of 33-36 C.

Destination Weddings are big business here.

Nevertheless I have been able to golf the last couple of mornings without too much problem, although I would advise anyone, as I  did, to make sure they stay super hydrated.

We have had two wonderful meals in the specialty restaurants over the past two nights and look forward to experiencing two others tonight and tomorrow night before we head off to the city for a couple of evenings before our return.

The breakfast and lunch buffets are not as extensive as I have seen at some resorts but each day, in addition to the options on the tables are sufficient, they also create three or four specialty dishes served at a separate counter.

These should be starred as award winners because the sauces have been tremendous and the dishes have been unique.

Their are a number of options for guests staying at the Royal Decameron. We are staying at the main resort where the central dining facilities are located, usually around one of the three main lobbies. Yes there are three lobbies because the property is that big.


Stay at the main resort or at a golf villa along one of the holes.

The other major option is to stay in one of the golf villas along the golf course. Staying there gives you complimentary golf. They are ordinary rooms and he meals are all served at the main villa. A shuttle takes you from the golf accomodations to the main dining rooms.

I had to pay for golf because I am at the main resort. Price including cart was $70 on weekdays and $100 on weekends.

The golf course is well designed and with loads of water holes, can be a challenge.

One of the most unual sights at a golf course is here, where hundreds of ducks sit on the water as vultures watch over them waiting for one that is injured or dies.

Locals say the ducks must be Canadian because they come as the Canadians do in late fall and leave with us in spring.


Vultures wait for troubled prey over hundreds of ‘Canada Ducks’

Destinations have become huge business for sunspot resorts everywhere and here at the Royal Decameron is no exception.

Every day brides and grooms make ready to take their vows in neatly designed beachside mini wedding chapels.

They then gather in one of the dining rooms, set aside for them, to celebrate the night away.

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