All in all this has been a pretty good visit.

The beach at the Royal Decameron was wide and excellent.

It was our first experience in this country and we did not know what to expect. The flight from Canada to Panama on Transat was really excellent.

It was our first trip in the extra cost Club seats and from my view really worth looking at for travellers who want extra comfort and spectacular service.

The bus trip from the Panama airport to the Royal Decameron was long at a full two hours but efficiently handled.

Drink plenty of water on Panama golf courses because it’s HOT.

We got there late and hungry and our first experience at the buffet was not a good one. The food had hung around way to long and was tough and not tasty. Luckily that first experience did not lead to a pattern.

The Royal Decameron is huge and I recommend beach front accomodations all the way. But if you are further back there is a shuttle to carry you up and down the hills if you have difficulty walking. The shuttle can be irregular so most people walked…likely a good choice after full buffet or specialty restaurant meals.

The Royal Decameron has 8 specialty restaurants which is more than most all inclusives. Enjoy them all but I would not recommend beef menu items. I decided to try steak at my risk last night here at the Radisson Decapolis. Now that proved to be a good choice. As a corporate hotel for the most part, they really did serve exceptional meals even to us all-inclusives.

I enjoyed golfing at the Royal Decameron golf club…although you should know it gets hot pretty quickly down here. keep drinking lots of water. They do have water jugs on at least every second hole.

The decision to come to Panama City was a good one.

There’s lots to see in CascoViejo, Old Panama.

We had a great day in old Panama, the UNESCO protected area within easy taxi distance from our hotel

Craftspeople at work in Old Panama…excellent gift options here.

I have nothing but good things to say about the Radisson Decapolis. Good location across from one of the malls. Good food, top notch service and rooms that match what you expect in most corporate properties.

The Radisson Decapolis is an excellent property in Panama City.
This is a city of skyscrapers!

We also went the causeway and enjoy the views and shopping at the duty free. Genuinely  low prices there for alcohol and other items.

A couple of last trips this morning to the BIG mall and we are on our way to the airport and the flight back to Canada.

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Dining inside the Radisson.

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