Rae enjoys our last day on the beach at the Royal Decameron

It was our choice to stay 5 nights at the Royal Decameron and then spend the last two in Panama City itself at the Radison Decapolis.

Our last day on the beach was a lazy one. We had all these plans about strolling outside the resort to experience a bar and restaurant called Woody’s only a few hundred yards from our resort.

Owned by a Canadian it is supposed to be a sports and Canadianna mecca of shirts, hats, souvenirs and all other sorts of paraphenalia.

We were lazy and never got there to my regret since so many people who had been here raved about it and the couple who run it.

Our accomodations at the Resort

We closed off our evening dining option at the Mediterranian restaurant and both had an excellent feed of Paella  loaded with shrimp, crab, and all sorts of other great tastes.

A view of the upper accomodations and the shuttle that takes you around the resort

We did get a good chance to try a number of the specialty restaurants and, other than the beef menu items, we were very happy.

Again I had been warned and didn’t listen.

I was told the chicken, fish, pork and other menu items are great but the beef is always tough. If you go take the advice I didn’t and you will be happier for it.

The beef is not Canadian quality and they tend to overcook it. Even the rare steak I ordered one day was tough. Other than that you can really enjoy the food at the resort…and the beach and property make up for a lot of beef deficiency.

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We are quite happy we took the final two days here at the Decapolis because it does mean we will have a much shorter day of travel on Wednesday.

That extra couple of hours on the bus would have made for a tiring day considering the flight is about 6 hours and we get home after midnight.

We say goodbye to the resort and head for Panama City.

After we got to the hotel here in Panama City we went directly across the street to the mall and spent a few dollars. It is a huge mall but relatively new and many of the stores are not yet opened. It is not a high end shopping outlet but has many of the national brands like Hilfiger and others.

The shopping mall is directly across the street, and connected to the Radisson Decapolis

Interestingly the food court is almost all North American franchise outlets like Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut, Cinnibon, MacDonalds, and other well worn names.


A mix of local and international brands are in the still not tenant complete mall

At the same time many of the stores are local grown outlets and we definitely found bargains on site.

Tomorrow we will visit the UNESCO protected ‘old town’ and do whatever else suits our fancy on our last day in this country.

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