The name on my passport is slightly different than the shortened version of the name people call me every day. I booked my trip under the name I use. Could that cause me a problem at airport check-in?

This is a question heard by airlines, travel agents and tour operators every day.

What’s in a name? To all those people who will be checking you in, a lot.

You need to change your booking as soon as possible to the exact names as they show on your passport. If you have a middle name on your passport it is important that is recorded in the tour operator booking as well.

Tour companies and travel agents report significant frustration from people who don’t think about this in advance. Often because passports are used infrequently, the traveller may not even be aware of which names the passport indicates.

As people are booking their holidays, it is best to have the passport information on hand. There are cases where people have been denied boarding for erroneous information, and many countries like the United States may offer no leeway whatsoever.

Charter airlines are not about to allow you boarding if they feel there is any chance you could be denied entry to the country to which you are travelling. They are obliged in this situation to return you to your home country immediately. This is not something they are not willing to risk.

So when you are booking your trip anywhere, remember your name…well at least the name that is officially on your passport.

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