Listen live at noon CST today for on location Panama Broadcast.

Over the past few days I have had a chance to experience just a little bit of this country.

Luckily on a past journey we did sail through the famous canal on a cruise ship on a Caribbean South itinery.

We landed in Panama City only this past Wednesday, staying at the Royal Decameron a couple of hours bus ride from the airport.

Within minutes of the main lobby the golf course can be challenging.

I have golfed a couple of games, walked and explored this resort, took loads of great beach shots and make ready to spend our last night here before leaving for a couple of days in Panama City tomorrow morning.

Today at noon I will be doing a live radio broadcast from the Royal Decameron on CJOB 68 in Winnipeg, online @ then just click the listen live icon.

We will discuss the country, the region, and the property. This property has a fascinating history as former military baracks. Given its location on one of the best beach properties in the nation I surely cannot figure how much serious work they did in training.  At least the days off were likely more pleasant than any others anywhere in the world perhaps.

We’ll talk Panama City, where tourists are coming from these days, (you will be surprised) and a bit about the outside vacation property investment that seems to be moving here.


The Royal Decameron is a perfect place for destination weddings.

So join us on the show.  Should you miss today’s broadcast we will have it posted on line at our site without commercial interuption at in a day or so.  Just click onto the travel show icon at the bottom and select today’s date.