Just when we began to think Aeroplan was the head of the Evil Empire for announcing they will take away unused points after 7 years, Air Miles comes along to grasp that position by saying they will only allow five years.

And Air Miles cloaked the announcement in another that was supposed to make their members feel better. Members will be able to use points as cash at a number of locations where they earned the points in the first place.

This move will likely keep the companies from fleeing to better pastures, which the one announcement alone may have done,

Now both programs certainly do allow you to use the points for merchandise as well, at  point values per purchase that I have always found unfair, but better to use them than lose them.

The bigger issue is about using points for travel. Frequent flyers and large purchasers of product will certainly collect enough for the trips they hope to use.  But the ordinary middle income member gets royally stuffed.

They save the points for their version of Trip of A LifeTime. And it has now been snatched away because of the difficulty these people will have in getting to the required point levels to earn this trip. Unless a holiday in their neighbouring province was right up their alley.

The two companies should change their names and remove any references to Air rewards of any kind. At least that allows members and retailers to become a part of them in an honest understanding of what they are not likely to ever receive.

In the meantime Safe Journeys to all no matter how you will now be forced to travel.

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