Cabeau Blanket Buddy Ladybug
Cabeau Blanket Buddy Monkey
Cabeau Blanket Buddy Panda

Let’s face it. Travelling with children can be difficult at times.

They need to be comfortable en route. They need a place they feel is truly theirs, where they can store their goodies and most precious take along possessions. And whatever they take on-board has to have a look that they are excited about.

Parents can drive themselves crazy figuring out where to find the best options for these seemingly most important childhood objectives.

Look no further. It’s arrived in Blankid Buddy!

At the Travel Goods Association annual trade show earlier this year it was given the Buzz Award for the new product of the year. Dr. Toy named it the Best Vacation Product as well as Best Pick of the year.

And recently the New York Times Holiday Gift Guide selected it as one of the hottest products of the year and a ‘must have’ children’s gift.

Those are a lot of accolades. Are they deserved? They are, and here is why.

In the long run the BlanKid Buddy was invented to make travel more comfortable for everyone in the family . It is an all in one blanket with an inviting and plush animal cover that converts easily into a pillow, fairly large backpack, or a cosy blanket.

Three animal characters were incorporated into the design of Blankid Buddy. They include Makema the Monkey, Pailou the Panda, and Lula the ladybug.

Your children will go wild over them so you can feed them, dress them, or play with them…all from on bag.

The blankid can fasten into place around the child’s legs with loads of coverage for most 3-8 year olds.

The backpet itself is quite big with built in extra pockets for easy access. Recognizing that children spill things the inventors from Cabeau built in an additional removable water resistant bag.

The travel pillow, which is created from the animal arms, wraps around and attaches easily behind the child’s neck for comfortable head support.

This is a highly functional children’s travel product. If you are searching for the gift for a soon to be travelling family, I don’t think you can do much better than this.

It sells for under $45 and like other Cabeau products, is well made to last.

You can see the Blankid Buddy and a wide range of travel products at .

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