Trip Ease® IF448
Motion sickness is a condition that affects many people when they fly.

Many are interested in taking any of the drugs that cause that awful drowsiness feeling and wonder if there is anything that they can take or can do to help alleviate the impact that even the slightest turbulence in flight has on me?

There are homeopathic products that help some travellers, if conditionions are not exceptionally bad. If you suffer from motion sickness in flight or anywhere else, you would have to try some of them to see if they work.

A New Zealand product that is readily available at Journeys is called Trip Ease. It is promoted as a product that is natural and safe, with no side-effects or drug interactions. However, I have found some people are even allergic to some ingredients in homeopathic products.

You can check the ingredients on this one at

Travellers with similar conditions should also try to select seating that offers the greatest degree of in-flight buffer from turbulence while on the aircraft.

Experts suggest an airplane going through these conditions tends to react in a teeter-totter manner. As the nose of the aircraft goes up and down it is the passenger sitting in seats at the extremities of the plane that will feel the impact of turbulence worst.

The front and back of the aircraft move the greatest amount as the adverse conditions force the nose up and down even as the aircraft stabilizes itself. Apparently the tail-end seats move even more than the front ones during these periods. Therefore, your best place to be is over the wings in the middle of the aircraft.

And to stress again a point I have made in the past, when the crew instruct you do fasten your seatbelts, do so without hesitation.

There have been a number of proven reports of serious injury to those who have chosen to ignore these instructions as turbulence suddenly worsened.

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