A number of companies purport to distribute lines of products that help prevent thieves and pickpockets from stealing your valuables when you are in large crowds. But no line I have researched is a good or as comprehensive as Pacsafe.

They offer a wide range of products from wallets to women’s handbags. What makes these products more unique are the breadth of features built into each product to give you a greater sense of safety and security when you are in a tourist city, or even around your own community.

The bags have a chicken wire type mesh built into them to prevent thieves from slashing through them and stealing the contents through the bottom. This is a common method used by professional thieves and in video taken of these actions; the victim does not even realized it has happened.

The straps all have a metal cord running through them to achieve the same purpose. In a documentary put out from London England, where over a million cameras monitor the streets to prevent terrorism, it showed how easy it is for one partner in the crime to distract the victim, while the other does a quick cut of the straps and quickly flees with entire bag.

There is always a secure strap hook that forces thieves to take more time than they have to successfully open your bag to reach in to remove anything they can grasp that is inside it.

The strap hooks are more secure than most others I have seen as well.

I have examined most of their product line from backpacks, to camera safes, to passport and cash protectors and I continue to be impressed.

You can by all Pacsafe products on line. Click here to see the PacSafe collection.