There are dozens of choices of travel pillows in the market. They range from simple blow up units that are light weight and take little space to large rectangular versions that resemble what you sleep on at home.

The all, to varying degrees work fine. And they all worked perfectly for the person who reclines the seat and leans straight back with the pillow around the back of the neck.

Then someone had the idea of building the better mousetrap in the world of neck rests for travel.

The company is Cabieau, and the product is called the Evolution Pillow. Why is it so unique?

With a simple addition smaller layer above the main pillow the flyer gains near 360 degree support.

Lateral movement allows the head to rest comfortably without strain, something most pillows do not allow.

If you are a person who’s head to lean forward when you sleep as I do just rotate the Evolution Pillow and you are travelling in pure comfort without that terrible neck strain.

Constructed with visco elastic memory foam it is easily packable. The cover is machine washable and it comes with a handy travel pouch.

A media pouch is also sewn onto it so it can hold your mp3 player or cell phone.

It may not rank up there with the mousetrap in terms of inventions but for the traveler it can definitely help you catch a few hours of extra sleep and wake up without all the stress and strain traditional neck rests tended to cause.

The Evolution Pillow sells for under $30 and is right in line with most others when you consider the extra features and benifits.

Order online now to get it on time for Christmas.