Early Morning at the Resort Course at La Cantera!

The last few days have really gone quickly. It seems we just got here but have been on a treadmill since. But this is the kind of treadmill everyone should like to be on.

Our first game of golf on Sunday morning was at the Quarry. We golfed there before but it is always a pleasure to go back…especially with our host Jack Parker, who was one of the original founders of the course.

Then we golfed the Palmer Course at La Cantera. Majestic views of San Antonio and a challenge for the very best of golfers if you shoot from one of the back tee boxes.

On Tuesday it was the Republic Golf Club that welcomed us. Not nearly as difficult but challenging nevertheless with a lovely layout that made for a pleasurable afternoon.

Yesterday we went back to la Cantera and golfed the Resort Course, again not as difficult as the Palmer course but it too offered spectacular views and a hilly terrain that challenged the greats in days past when the Texas open was held here…not that long ago.

What can I say about the dining. Day before yesterday we dined on the Boudro’s River Barge cruise which flows all around the great San Antonio Riverwalk. Boudro’s is likely one of San Antonio’s best restaurants and we are hoping to go back for a inside meal.

But nothing can beat the value and taste of the meal we ate last night. Somewhat off the beaten track we found this unassuming pizza place in a small older house on McCullough call Guillermo’s.

Where can you find a 5 topping 18 inch pizza for fourteen bucks. And it was delicious. My son Carey and I agreed it was as good a pie as we had ever eaten…at at that price it could make number one.

The Famous Alamo, most important in Texas and US history!

Yesterday afternoon I visited The Alamo and was impressed with the story telling that was available for visitors who chose to stop and listen, as well as the overall upkeep of this important southern piece of history.

A Imax presentation of the story of those who died at the Alamo was a worthwhile visit and filled in blanks and reinforced some of the stories I read  about and listened to at the Alamo itself.


The Marriott River Center…Right on the Riverwalk.

We are staying at the Marriott RiverCenter which is right on the Riverwalk…which too is also as good as it gets.

It seems everything is near at hand; the Imax, the wax museum, Ripleys Believe it or Not, and all the shopping anyone could want.

Today will be the most special day. For the third time we will celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving with the Parker family. A jewel of a family if there ever was one, and while I come here as a travel journalist and photographer, we have found friends in the family that go well beyond the job at hand.

Jack Parker himself is somewhat of a golf legend here. He seems to know everybody. People approach him at every turn and with him we have been introduced to some fantastic personalities.


Parker is somewhat of a golf legend around San Antonio.

We were not going to be coming back this year to San Antonio for our annual father/son golf tour, but the sheer force of Parker’s character convinced us to return…and as usual we are glad we did.

Contact me if you are interested in a South Texas Hill Country vacation, golf or not. It is a great region for snow birds and prices are reasonable throughout this area.

La Cantera Resort Course overlooking Six Flags Amusement Park.

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