We start US Thanksgiving with a game of golf at the JW  Marriott San Antonio Hills TPC

Shortly after we had our first glass of wine last night Jack Parker’s daughter Sandy, our host for the evenings Thanksgiving dinner handed us a small card to fill out which would be tied to our wine glasses so they wouldn’t get mixed up with others as the party progressed.

She asked us to write words on the card that would express something we are thankful for on this special celebration.

For me it was an easy task.

“I am thankful to be able to celebrate two Thanksgivings with two wonderful families.” I wrote.

On top of the World at the TPC San Antonio

Not everyone there realized that our Canadian Thanksgiving was past and this was our second shot at the great turkey tradition.

But after having spent the first Thanksgiving at home, here we are in San Antonio Texas on U.S. Thanksgiving, for the third time in four years spending it with the Parker family; Another memorable treat.

The day started out with a breakfast of cold pizza we had left over from the gigantic 18” pies we ate at Guillermo’s the night before. For the un-initiated it may be hard to appreciate the extra penetrated flavour of left-over pizza in the morning.

We had deliberately planned not to eat anything else during the day knowing the ‘stuffing’ we would have later in the day so we devoured every last morsel with relish, no pun intended.

Our golf game for the day was at the Marriott San Antonio hills TPC Canyon Course where Fred Couples had earlier in the year ‘eaten up’ the course with a display of golf mastery in winning a Senior’s championship.

It would be fair to say the course ate up us as if to say Couples achievement was no fluke. But it proved to be a tremendous experience to play the course.

Other than for a few ‘over the canyon’ tee shots the course doesn’t look that tough. But you cannot be all over the place or the course will punish you badly.


At 80 on most days Parker can golf below his age.

Parker said he would be joining us only nine holes. But Parker at 80 is still a golf addict and always up for the challenge. In previous games he scored in the low seventies. Today on what he considered one of the toughest courses he plays, his goal was to shoot lower than his age.

He missed that by one stroke.

I am not, and likely will never be, a particularly good golfer. After a couple of holes I wondered if I would be able to break twice my age. My son Carey, less than half Parkers age, on this day did not break twice his age. But we sure enjoyed the course.

San Antonio Hill Country Golf can be a challenge at times.

Today we move from the Marriott River Center to the JW Marriott San Antonio Hills. It is Black Friday and we are torn between shopping and golf. Perhaps a bit of both.

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Today we move into the JW Marriott San Antonio Hills TPC property.


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