What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. In a strange way after you have been to this city of lights a number of times nothing really happens.

It will always be a fascinating city on the first visit or two. With over 200,000 rooms to fill each night you are going to rub shoulders with 400,000 visitors every day.

The city keeps adding properties with mega bedrooms…in the range of 3000 each. That’s a small city crowded into each building that offers everything you could possibly want to try to keep you from going anywhere else.

And the interesting thing is that many of the new options are no longer on the strip. There has been a major move over the last few years to what might be considered desert suburbs just on the edge of Las Vegas.

Henderson, a community less than 15 minutes away, is just one of many. The resorts that are coming up in other areas are first class, many of them also offering top notch entertainment to motivate your move off the strip.

But in the end it is all the same. While  there are a number of new hotels without gaming for the most part the design is built around the concept that all roads lead to the casino, and smoke filled casinos at that.

The entertainment is based around specatular and the restaurants have moved to at least one upper crust option per hotel.

Everyone should visit Las Vegas at least once. At the very least it is a fascinating study of cultures. It speaks loudly to how much we are willing to spend to entertain ourselves and it demonstrates how creative designers, architechs, and engineers can be.

A walk along the strip is almost immpossible. The property lines are far apart as each property occupies significant frontage.

The crowds can be overwhelming both day and night and the hawkers are many.

For the uninitiated it is a mind blowing experience which cannot be taken in just in one trip.

For the jaded, each new property is the same no matter how creative. A casino is a casino. And one big show, after awhile is like another.

But I am glad I made my first trip and repeated a couple of more times.

I kind of still enjoy going back…but the excitment has worn off and for most of the trips now it is a conference or trade show.


Having said all that,  I will go back again. And enjoy what the city does have to offer without turning tourist.

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