Let someone try using packing cubes on one trip and they will never travel any other way.

While there are a number of choices available in the marketplace the best series I have found fall under the Eagle Creek brand. These are the people who make some of the best backpacks in the world and are known for their quality products.

As one rep once told me in trying to highlight the Eagle Creek quality, “Our bags may be guaranteed for life, but if you are trekking in the Himalayas and your bag falls apart the guarantee has little value.”

So they put the quality in up front.

What are packing cubes, the uninitiated will ask?

They are a series of small mini bags made for packing socks in one size and color, underwear in another, and then an entirely different series packs trousers, skirts and shirts. Eagle Creek has branded the entire line as a packing system, and it really is exactly that.

There are a number of advantages to the system in addition to the organization. It makes it convenient to put all items in your entire bag into drawers knowing from the size and color coordination where each garment is.

It makes it really easy for security to sift through if they want to check more closely to something they may see on the X-ray.

What creases garments during travel is movement. The packing cubes, especially for those important outer garments stay in place and are not subject to the pressures of the rest of the suitcase as it shifts from side to side in transport.

There are so many sizes and options to choose from with something for every traveller’s needs. There are cubes with mesh you can see through and allow garments to breath. There are double sided cubes. And various size options for the finer garments, including suit coats and jackets.

It is a modern trend but one that truly makes sense.

See the Eagle Creek and other packing option on line by clicking on this link.