Another Excellent Dining Find.

Even as the days wind down on our San Antonio Golf Vacation we are exploring each area around the hotels we stay at to discouver a dining find.

As much as possible we try to stay away from the chains, looking for that unique down home quality that sets the restaurant apart by its food quality and service.

JW Marriott from Canyon Course

After moving into the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort, and I do mean resort, we completed holes on the Oak Course of the TPC here at the Marriott that we will play again today if the weather holds up.

There is a threat of rain this morning but that forecast has repeated itself a couple of times with only one game partially interupted by rainfall.

We were able to prove yesterday that the San Antonio Valero Texas open that will be played on the Oak Course will be a challenge to the ‘big guys’ when they hit the track again this year.

We finished our dark shortened game by 6:15 and after a rest started the search for a nearby restaurant. Carey, my son, and I both enjoy Mexican food and have had two meals of same so far.

We wanted something genuinely Mexican…not Tex Mex which is the slightly watered down taste of the real thing to appeal to broader palettes.

Carey again proved the genius as he searched recommendations nearby to find the Takiza right on TPC Parkway.

We must have passed it before, I tell Carey, since we have been all the way up and down the road a few times.

We head back and sure enough we spot it in a brand new strip mall only a couple of miles away.

This can’t be it, I think. The name not only sounds Japanese but the Kareoke sign in the window comfirms to me that it must be.

The interior is not only simple, in some ways it is stark. But we decide to try it anyway.

The Takiza is a treat not to be missed. It has only been opened a few months and clearly they are in the early stages of getting themselves branded and defined as a truly authentic Mexican option…but it truly is as we were to find out.

This is a family business and they really are intent on building a reputation for themselves as a restaurant with a difference and truly personal service.

Our server, an outgoing young lady with a warm personality that should guarantee success, explained the difference in the Tortilla Soup we ordered as a starter.

“Ours is made right here and is not changed from the Mexican styles that are common there.” It almost comes out like a warning of sorts but while more spicy than what you might find at a Tex Mex restaurant, it was absolutely delicious.

We now trust her recommendations and go with the Migadas for the main course. The menu suggests it is a plate of thick corn tortillas with meat of your choice topped with a whole lot of other stuff. At $5.99 a plate we keep the menus just in case we are still hungry after what we envisage to be small portions.

Because the restaurant is still new they don’t have a license yet so one of the staff tells us there is a place to buy beer or win a couple of doors over and it is legal to bring your own alcohol inside.

My beef Madadas were Great G R E A T!

Carey brings back a couple of beers just as the soup arrives.

The taste is terrific and we extol its virtues to our friendly server. When the meal arrives we are almost in shock. Two huge ingredient stacked tortillas on each plate do not need words to warn us that after what was a big bowl of soup and tortilla chips with sauce that was placed in front of us when we entered, we would be waddling out of the restaurant stuffed as yesterday’s turkey.

More than one can eat for $5.99

It was tremendous, and a place that should be a must visit. Don’t let the lack off decor or the signs fool you. This is going to become a hot spot…and the people deserve it to happen.

My only  concern, and I said so, is that it may be impossible to succeed with such low prices and huge portions.

Get there now before the prices goes up with the popularity. Check them out at .

Don’t let the decor fool you. The food is what counts.

As I write this it has started to rain with a forecast for it to stop by noon. We play at 10:30 and we really want to do the Oak Course which will be the home of another future PGA Champion. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have spent some time talking about the golf but the JW Marriott here on TPC Parkway is the ultimate family resort.

Huge pools, a waterslide, loads of children’s activities in a safe environment away from the traffic of the city itself.

The JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Family Resort and Spa…plus the best golf around.

While it is loaded with golfers, it was clear to me early that it already has become a complete family destination.

Everything about this property has been done well. From the rooms to the public access areas, everything speaks out quality and attention to detail.

And the prices for Canadians thinking of a Texas Golf Vacation are exceptional. For $169 per person during the fall/winter you can stay and golf on two of the best courses you will find anywhere.

The golf alone in many areas of the US would be more than that.

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