Security is everyone’s concern. But the extreme lineups that we tend to often encounter when we travel can cause significant frustration. Finally it appears there may be some solutions in sight, especially for those who travel most frequently.

As we all know with the passing of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 last week, air security in the United States took on an entirely new dimension since that horrific event. The budget for security at airports has spiraled throughout the world, but nowhere more than in the U.S.

As years passed, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, the body that plays a major role in deciding what specific actions that need to be adhered to, occasionally made announcements that suggested they were looking for ways to move traffic faster, while still keeping the integrity of the primary security issues intact.

NEXUS and other programs were introduced with mixed success. Programs providing a higher level of confidence never did emerge until a few months ago when the concept of a trusted traveller program was floated.

The TSA has been reluctant to allow more fast-tracking since the safety of a nation is in their care. But the agency has created a basis for this new program over the last few months and will begin testing it in just a couple of weeks at a number of major U.S. hubs. The initial research will involve mostly business travelers who use these airports on a regular basis.

There now seems to be an increased commitment to finding solutions that will ensure trusted travellers can get past security in a speedier manner — not so much for their convenience, but to reduce costs while creating a better way to identify genuine risks.

If the pilot program is eventually implemented on a wider basis, there will almost certainly to be a fee to cover the costs of establishing security clearance for people like you. But, for most business travelers, the convenience will likely outweigh almost any reasonable charge.