Detroit Lakes! What an amazing region. Driving through the Smokey Mountain Hills on the way to Park Rapids we pass the unique Cowboy Church. I don’t know how many of these are in the world but it is definitely a stopper.

And in this region there seems to be more churches per capita than in most places I have visited. Who knows, maybe that’s why they are so genuinely friendly.

While we are here there is a national faith healers gathering. We tried and couldn’t find it. It would have been worth seeing. My wife was not impressed when I told her that if it was going to cost money, she would have to live with damnation and look for her healer closer to home.

Dorset, the town of restaurants, may have more restaurants per capita than anyone else for its less than 50 residents, but it also has this church. Hopefully visitors come to pray from the surrounding region as well as this old stone church likely needs a big congregation to support it.

This really is a region worth visiting with families. While Rae and I toured it on our own the number of beaches on its multitude of lakes, and resorts of all kinds available it really is a holiday paradise. Cottages for rent are in abundance. And here at the Holiday Inn on Little Detroit Lake it has its own beach and totally updated and renovated rooms on the interior.

It also proved to be one of the best restaurants we dined at while in Detroit Lakes.But take a drive and you will find many other dining establishments.

A few miles from Detroit Lakes on Rose Lake we found Spanky’s Stone Hearth Restaurant. Packed with people it clearly is the place to go for that extra special evening

We had to keep going back to Park Rapids, not just for the dining but for the shopping, ambiance, and other things to see and do.

While we didn’t partake, river tubing seems to be a really big attraction in the area.

All in all, as we wrap up our visit, it has been a tremendous experience. Rae loved it and wants to come back next summer. And for my money that is likely the best recommendation of all.

People may be thinking more of sun destinations now but come next summer do consider this region an option. It has provided excellent memories for us.

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Safe Journeys Always

Ron Pradinuk