Parking in the middle of the street in Park Rapids is easy on the wide streets.

Did you say car hop service…At and A&W?

A nice lunch at the Jack Pine Cafe

Just about 35 minutes from Detroit Lakes is the small tourist community of Park Rapids. What a treat!

The drive through the Smokey Hills was  truly enjoyable as the winding road went through a mixture of farm and forest land over this rolling countryside.

Even as we approached Park Rapids we sensed it could be something special. The signs were inviting us to shop in stores that seemed different and decidedly oriented to out of town visitors.

For the golfers we passed a number of courses and visited the Headwaters Golf Club, which is just on the edge of town.

In Park Rapids itself there is lots to see with loads of restaurants, markets, and interesting sites.

Only a few miles away is the community that bills itself as having more restaurants per capita than anywhere in North America.

It’s main street is fundamentally one restaurant after the other, but still in total not that many. So how can they bill itself as having more restaurants per capita than other places?

The population of Dorset consists of only about 40 residents. Almost a suburb of Park Rapids it is worth the visit.

After a great day we came back to Detroit Lakes. Rae had to pick up something at a drug store so while she was shopping I asked a resident where the best restaurant was in Detroit Lakes.

When her response was “At the Holiday Inn”, we could not have been happier. A fine meal of fresh walleye for me and coconut shrimp for her and we were asleep quite early. The lapping of the waves just ourside our balcony made us think we were back in Mexico or some other sun destination.

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