This is our first trip the the Detroit Lakes where thousands from around the world descend each August to catch Wee Fest, the huge country music festival held here each August.

So many people I know from Winnipeg make the Journey every year. It was an easy drive from the city with great roads all the way yet I never made it an absolute priority until now, even though it was on my bucket list.

So far I am really glad I did.

We are staying at the Holiday Inn on the Lake. As we opened the curtains of our room then went onto the balcony the view was spectacular.

Directly below us an excellent sand beach with a couple of families enjoying the play even though it is early fall weather.

On the lake itself are several boats sitting in one spot, testament to the fact that this is also a major fishing region.

The hotel itself looks like it has been totally refurbished and is presented in a very classy way even though it is not meant to be a luxury property.

By coincidence this weekend is the beginning of the national K-9 trials with practise runs taking place on Saturday. That sounds like a worthwhile endeavor to take in.

Will keep you posted on the rest of our little weekend.

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