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What a shame!

It seemed like such a good idea. An all inclusive quality cruise around the island of Cuba, stopping at all the best beaches and historic sites with the benifit of fresh Canadian cuisine being served at every meal.

Alas, it was not to be.

There has been a lot of effort poured into this program by a lot of companies beyond the organizors of the cruise program itself.

Transat Holidays had issued a specially created brochure for the product. Substantial promotions had begun…and on the surface at least there seemed to be a good start to the bookings.

But yesterday the cancellation of the program was announced and more than a few people will have been left hanging.

Luckily it is early enough in the season to ensure other options are available but this is a sad commentary on the planning and research which should have taken place to ensure the market would respond to the concept.

Over the next few days we will surly find out why this great idea did not fly.

Sam Blyth, the owner of the cruise line, said it was because of bomb scares but it is more likely the concept that he had was based on the idea that Americans could take this cruise and not run afoul of U.S. laws.

The Americans disputed that and it is that difference of opinion which may have been the greater influence.

But a good idea is done…and we await for the next super concept which hopefully will fly better than this one did.

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