We all hate when airline prices go up. Especially if they seem to be going up faster than we perceive they should.

There was a strong belief, backed by a number of expert comments, that airlines were hiding behind fuel prices to tack a few bucks of their own onto the increases they were trying to justify.

Many saw the price of a ticket going beyond what they were willing to pay to travel across the country to visit friends and relatives or see our great land.

Since the beginning of this year, prices did escalate, and consumers like you took notice, and then took the non-action of staying at home as you may have done.

Industry analysts say higher prices are what led to more empty seats last month on both our largest airlines. They further suggest that consumer patience with high prices may have reached its breaking point.

Apparently, the airlines have taken note and have lowered prices significantly to try to win back consumer favour. Some suggest there could be some real sale bargains coming forth in just a few short weeks, and they will become even better if oil prices decrease somewhat.

After five months of consecutive increases, you, the public simply rebelled with your wallets.

Airline executives are now really hoping your anger is not long-lasting and that they can buy you back with some great deals on airfares.

While we can usually expect lower prices in the fall, this go-around, the fall could be big, so to speak.

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