During most summers over the past few years, travellers take the opportunity to explore this wonderful country of ours from coast to coast. People can travel with the whole family and with a little bit of camping and the occasional hotel they have been able to provide a ‘Canadian’ education for their children.

But the price of gasoline has really dampened the enthusiasm of many this year, who may just stay at home and fix up the place, instead. That is a common sentiment?

While there is no question fuel prices have had an impact on people’s travel plans, it has motivated more of what tourism experts have come to call ‘staycations’.

However, the ‘staycation’ doesn’t mean people have decided not to travel. It just means they chose not to travel as far. And while  homes may  need fixing, I suggest you carry forward with what ever your original thinking was and visit the province we live in this year.

You will be surprised at what you will discover for yourself and your children, and you’ll not break the bank in doing so.

In Manitoba for example, we have some major festivals around the province worth visiting. Or travel straight up north to Churchill. There you can capture the majesty of the beluga whales swimming around your boat. Or look up some of the more unusual attractions many Manitobans hardly know about.

Here are some highlights taken directly from the Travel Manitoba website.
Check out these and more.

At the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, you will find the largest collection of prehistoric marine fossils in North America, including life-size reconstructions of mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, sharks and more. Visitors can participate in an actual excavation of new fossils.

The International Peace Gardens offer a stunning botanical garden and park dedicated to the long-standing peace between Canada and the United States. It is located on the border of Manitoba and North Dakota.

And you don’t have to travel all the way to Niagara Falls to be amazed by natural falls. Much more accessible are Manitoba’s highest natural falls on the Grass River, a few kilometres south of Thompson. Pisew Falls have an impressive drop, change directions and jet through a gorge. A short boardwalk leads to observation platforms where you can spend as much time as you like viewing and photographing them.

For many years, my advertising company did all of the advertising for Manitoba’s tourist product. During that time, I got to travel to most parts of this great province of ours.

North, south, east or west, you will find many impressive sites and events for the entire family.

You will control your budget while creating jobs right here in Manitoba or in whichever province you currently reside.

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And after you return from seeing your own province I would love to hear from you.

As always….

Safe Journeys

Ron Pradinuk