Long distance travel is usually something that takes a lot of planning.

Travellers want to spend weeks working through a multitude of options before they even think of booking. But watching all the amazing deals each week in our own ads in the paper every week, I can’t believe what I am seeing.

Europe will never be cheaper. Alaska cruises, and others, are priced will below what they have been in the past.

Fall long stays in Portugal and Spain look like they are giving away the packages when the fact that air is included is taken into consideration.

Why is this all happening?

Americans are still in a major recession and the word ‘staycation’ is becoming he most commonly heard holiday option for them.

In Europe the Euro has not done well against ours, especially against a Canadian dollar that seems to gain greater muscle with each passing month.

Take into account that cruise pricing often starts with a U.S. dollar base and you really get the picture of why some of the Alaska prices are so low.

I have talked about some of what is taking place on my weekly travel show. We post past shows on our Journeys website.

I have written about this phenonema in a number of my weekly columns in the Winnipeg Free Press.

It seems I started this talk weeks ago as I sensed the emergence of a trend towards bargain pricing for quality tours and accommodation. What has happened is even beyond what I would have predicted.

Check out our website. You will find loads of travel stories, trip reviews, and amazing travel products like Tilley, Design Go, BugZip (to protect against bed bugs when you travel), and some of the best deals on luggage.

But this is not the time to wait for better prices going overseas or to the United States. Now is the time to act to take advantage of prices I don’t see returning for a long, long time.

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Safe Journeys Always

Ron Pradinuk