Journeys/Renaissance sells all packages from most tour operators that serve our nation. We work closely with them all and as Canadians we are lucky to have quality and consistant service from all of them for the most part.

But there are companies for whom relationship and partnership carry special meaning.

Transat Holidays rises to the top of that list.

Our agency deals with the western group headquartered in Vancouver. We have found them to be responsive, client oriented, and well run.

But they are also fun to work with. Is business supposed to be fun? Business is business, but with this organization we really enjoy dealing with the people, from our local rep Susan Porteous to the leaders we deal with most in Vancouver Carlo Trinidad and Paula Riuzo, as well as the staff we deal with on a day to day basis.

How do they do this?

Last night was a big part of the reason.

Annually they hold a fall (and spring) launch party, most often in Vancouver but it has moved around.

Most of the guests are from Vancouver but they fly in a few of us from other parts of Western Canada who are fairly large in booking numbers with them.

At 5:30 PM last evening we boarded the private yacht Sunset Bay II and went for a four hour tour around English Bay and other waterways around Vancouver.

While they certainly treated us exceptionally well it is not the little cruise itself that is the highlight. We get to meet all of the people we work directly with all year round…the groups coordinators who make sure our destination weddings go smoothly, the managers and staff of the various other sections we talk to throughout the year. Managers like Denise Heffron from Toronto fly in as well.

We have a face to the name, and we have enjoyed their company.

When we need to talk business it sure is nice to have the knowledge of each other to make the communications flow easily.

This year Transat Holidays has added Panama across the west and that should be a great new destination for all of us.

You can call us at 942-5000 to find out more about this destination or book on line at Journeys/Renaissance Travel.

And before you go to Panama or any other destination summer or winter, take a look at the wide travel products selection a .

Transat Holidays. Thanks for a great evening and great service all year round.

Safe Journeys Always

Ron Pradinuk